Who can start a Red Dirt Church?

You don’t need to live where red dirt is, to do what Red Dirt does

Organic communities can spring up anywhere. When we keep it simple, we can focus on what matters most.

Starting a simple, Red Dirt Church

WHO can start one?

Just about anyone can start a Red Dirt Church.
You need to:

  • be a follower of Jesus
  • hold to the Faith Statement of Red Dirt Church
  • live the Values of Red Dirt Church
  • have basic, healthy relationship skills
  • love Jesus’ church
  • be passionate about reaching unchurched Aussies
  • be a safe person around children and vulnerable people.

HOW does the journey begin?

Simply make contact with someone from Red Dirt Church.
You can do this by calling The Red Centre 0411 RED DRT or Warren Crank 0403 277 951.

WHAT happens from there?

The road will be clearly marked.

  1. We will set up a short introductory meeting to go through our ‘Getting Grounded’ material.
  2. If you’re still keen, we’ll go through the ‘Going Deeper’ info.
  3. We’ll then consider together the expectations of a Red Dirt Church Leader.
  4. If things are looking good, we’ll give you some homework. We’ll get you to:
    • apply for Child Safe approval and documentation in your State;
    • obtain two ‘Referee’ commendations regarding child safety.
  5. We’ll provide helpful consultancy as you pray for and begin to design your Red Dirt Church.
  6. We’ll walk with you as you plan for the launch of a Red Dirt Church.
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